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About Company

Fabryka Domów Drewnianych "Bartek" is a wooden house building enterprise whose past goes back to 1977, when Mirosław Bober set up a carpentry business Firma Stolarska "Bartek".
At first its focus was on providing a wide range of carpentry services and manufacturing garden houses, but later, after gaining some experience, it began to build all-season and holiday log houses.
Finally it started offering its services all around Poland, receiving a number of high opinions from numerous satisfied customers.

In 2000 Fabryka Domów Drewnianych „Bartek” was set up, which drew from the extensive experience and the solutions applied in Firma Stolarska „Bartek”. The co-owners are father and son – Mirosław and Mariusz – who combine tradition and modernity and create a well-functioning whole. One feature of the business activity of the enterprise is an extensive expansion on Scandinavian and West-European markets. Within a short period of time a number of investments have been made in Denmark, Norway, Greece, Spain, Germany and France and in each of these countries satisfied clients recommend the Polish enterprise to anyone interested in building a wooden house.

In 2004 BARTEK company took the 3 place in a competition for innovative constructions, organised by the French professional magazine AVIVRE Maisons Bois. This is an obvious example how our work and its results are appreciated by the media abroad.

Fabryka Domów Drewnianych Bartek” is a family enterprise with traditions, which cultivates such basic values as honesty, diligence and respect towards others. However the solutions which we apply in the production of wooden houses are thoroughly modern. We have a large machine park which is being constantly improved. Among our machines experts appreciate Hundegger K2i (thanks to which a house of 150 m2 as an open building shell is constructed within only a week), a computer-operated timber drying kiln and a few process lines.

We appreciate the value of professional development, therefore we increase our knowledge and skills in training courses. We search for new safe solutions, also in the area of environment protection. We follow the idea of life in harmony with nature and respect for it. Our work is our passion, in which we find professional fulfillment. For us building houses is not only attention to construction details, but we also believe they increase the occupants’ well-being and harmony in their lives as well as have a positive influence on their health.

Kup dom drewniany z bala i ciesz się szybkością jego postawienia. Nasze działania są szybkie i sprawne, przez co Twój dom z drewna energooszczędny będzie szybko gościł Cię i Twoją rodzinę! Nie czekaj sprawdź naszą ofertę domów kanadyjskich, modułowych i szkieletowych

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10 february 2014

Fabryka domów drewnianych - DOMYBARTEK czyli najlepsze domy drewniane, domy z bali, domy kanadyjskie, domy szkieletowe, domy energooszczędne